PLM Committee

About the PLM Committee.

AFNeT proposes to bring together European manufacturers, Industry association, universities and IT Providers in an « AFNeT PLM Committee ».

AFNeT PLM Committee aims at:

  • Consolidating the PLM Standards strategies for industry groups (STRAT)
  • Developing international ISO PLM Open standards (DEV)
  • Implementor Forums, tests and benchmarks (IF activity)
  • Spread awareness through communication, conferences, tutorials, workshops (COM activity)

Projects :

AP242 ED2 - Introduction AP 242 Ed2 is the extension of AP 242 Ed1 to the electrical design domain, completed with specific enhancements... Continue reading »
CAE-IF - Introduction The CAE Implementor Forum (CAE-IF) is a joint testing effort between AFNeT, PDES, Inc. and prostep ivip. The objective... Continue reading »
PDM-IF - PDM-IF Day #1 took place in Paris the 29th September 2015. 30 people have joined, divided in two groups (user... Continue reading »
STEP AP 242 benchmark - Benchmark #2 AFNeT and prostep ivip are conducting the STEP AP242 Benchmark #2 project. The objective of this Benchmark is to... Continue reading »

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